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In The Library: Sarah Frank

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

The VidCon conference took place in the US city of Anaheim on June 20-23. Over 30,000 YouTubers, vloggers and social media influencers  participate in this annual gathering. In The Library has decided to become a tourist for a short period of time and talk to our guests in a new environment.

The social media editor of NowThis, Sarah Frank, believes that one of the negative aspects of social media is the news.

“You might see a great story that we did today, but it might be a follow up to a story that we did a couple weeks ago, or it might be a story that we’ve been following for a long time,” she said.

As editors themselves, they spend a lot of time paying attention to their readers comments, as it really helps them to spread information. “When we see that people care about this issue, we realize that we can go deeper here or we should do a field piece about this.”

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One of the first books about the power of social media, is Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody. The book was published in 2008, and in the past ten years, media has transformed a great deal. However Shirky’s book is still relevant and already a classic.

Gegham Vardanyan

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