In The Library: Arman Babajanyan

Gegham Vardanyan

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation

“Media is a means of spreading ideas, not an opinion,” says Arman Babajanyan, Editor-In-Chief and founder of the website and the newspaper Zhamanak.

There was simply a time when they were doing more than the media was obliged to do, “In the previous regime, we ignored the opposition or as a media outlet filled in for their reserved existence. For example, we brought ideas to the square, which should have been done by the opposition.”

He explains that he participates in the parliamentary elections in the ranks of the Bright Armenia party, because he believes that the motivating engine is a liberal force, and that the Civil Contract does not bear liberal ideas.

Arman Babajanyan is convinced that his views have never influenced his journalistic work. Now he has refused to conduct live interviews so that it isn’t perceived as a sign of abuse.

“We will do everything in our power so that readers do not think that our news outlet is being used for my benefit.”

He considers the position of the media outlet he has created as exclusively and financially secure, allowing for extravagant money to be earned on all platforms, from social media to local advertising, which is so much that there is not even a possibility for extra sales.

“Corruption is the most dangerous and threatening thing in the media, as the circulating offers and money is simply shocking. The presence of such large funds in such a small and closed off market has great dangers,” said Arman Babajanyan.

Gegham Vardanyan

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