Another “Deadly” Material Contained In Toothpaste

Karine Ghazaryan

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Russia’s Известия news outlet and РЕН ТВ tv channel (belonging to the same company) published a material in April about the fact that toothpaste contains a very toxic, cancerous substance, titanium dioxide. The information, however, was distorted: using toothpaste according to the instructions is safe.

Titanium dioxide also exists in toothpaste sold in the Armenian market.

Ինչպես և այլ երկրներում, Հայաստանում վաճառվող ատամի մածուկի մեջ կա տիտանի երկօքսիդ

It is said in the report published by РЕН ТВ that scientists have made a frightening discovery. Every morning, millions of people start their day by using a bit of poison. According to  РЕН ТВ, Russian scientists confirm that toothpaste adds a deadly dangerous element, titanium dioxide, which is used in enamel, construction paints as well as chocolate, because of it’s cheap cost.

Indeed, all of the products listed above contain titanium dioxide.

Moreover, it is also included in cosmetics, food, medications, printed books, magazines and many other everyday use items. It’s not because of its cheap price, but its ability to have a bright white color, as well as for ultraviolet radiation protection, which is why titanium dioxide is used in almost all sunblock products.

According to  РЕН ТВ, about 60% of rats had cancer during experiments with titanium dioxide. It should be understood however, that the presence or absence of the material is due to various factors. For example, depending on the dosage, ordinary water can become poisonous.

In this case, the factor is the state of the material. Titanium dioxide is classified as potentially carcinogenic if it is a powdered substance. During the tests, the rats were dealing with powder.

The factor of dosage is also important.

The person who purchases toothpaste, cosmetics, or food deals with a small amount of non-powder titanium dioxide, which is safe for health. Therefore, products containing it can be used to brush teeth and eaten.

Finding “deadly poisons” in everyday use is a common practice in conspiracy theories. For example, distorted information about the fluoride used in the production of the same toothpaste was recently disseminated in Facebook in Armenia.

Karine Ghazaryan

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